See your Child fall in love with Bedtime and have a Sound Sleep

  • Sleep inducing 21 colored patterns absolutely loved by kids
  • One of the proven ways to remove fear of darkness among kids
  • Parents can relax and enjoy some “me-time”
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Sound Sleep Galaxy Projector

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They now want to go to bed early !!??

YOU know hard it is to get your kids to bed on time!! On top of it your kids might be afraid of darkness, which is a common problem at this age. Not to worry, we have something that can make your life lot easier. The Sound Sleep Galaxy Projector is designed to calm the kids, and our kids along with many others are loving it. So much so that they look forward to bedtime.

  • 21 color combos and most loved star gazing laser
  • Connect with Bluetooth and play lullabies or songs
  • 3 levels of brightness for absolute soothing effect

and when the child is asleep.. Finally!!

Wind down and relax under the starry and nebula galaxy. Have your well deserved “me” time, watch some TV or do your meditation. I would simply relax on a batthtub under a starry bathroom… hehe. On other times have family dinners or entertain (impress) guests with this latest projector.

  • Get lazy and use the Remote control to operate
  • Cast your favorite song or podcast via Bluetooth
  • Best Gift idea for your friends and their kids 

5,000 Happy Customers (And Counting)

See why so many users worldwide love their Sound Sleep Galaxy Projector and recommend it. Don’t miss the chance to snag yours while our offer lasts!

40 customer reviews
  • F***f
    20 Dec 2020
    I totally splurged on this for myself instead of my kids :P. I love the stars but in the city they can be hard to see. I saw this and it hit two purposes for me. I wanted a speaker for my bedroom and I love lights. It is fabulous. It has different light settings that can make you feel like you are lying in an open field somewhere. The remote is great, it allows me to change the settings while lying in bed. The speaker was easy to pair with my phone and tablet so I can listen to my music and audiobooks. The sound quality is awesome.
  • A***a
    10 Dec 2020
    Children loved this projector. It is SO pretty and casts some great stars and shapes on the ceiling and walls. What is so great about it too is that it has Bluetooth capabilities so I am able to have them listen to podcast or music while going to sleep. The remote control is handy to have too. My kids sleep with this every night and it acts as a very pretty night light. Love this projector!
  • D***r
    8 Dec 2020
    Great incentive for my kids to get consistent sleep times . Our pre schooler and toddler love to get to the bedroom just for us to play them music on this & watch their bedroom transform into a beautiful night sky. They just lay down in their beds and watch the lights. My older one thinks some of the lights are from Northern Lights. Very impressed with the light options, Bluetooth connectivity, variety of light options, weight of the light and the remote control options. For the price we paid, we are really looking forward to using it for a long time.
  • R***y
    6 Dec 2020
    When we first turned it on, it almost blinded us. The patterns and colors on the ceiling were beautiful and lit up the entire room. It was so easy to connect my phone and the instructions that came with it were short and direct, yet also covered everything. The remote is really easy to use even though there are a lot of buttons, the directions had a really good guide for it. The only thing I would personally comment about is that the stars are only green, the sound quality is not the best, and that the ocean waves sounds that are supposedly supposed to come with it didn't work when we tried it. Maybe we needed to download it or maybe we did it wrong? The directions are very clear and precise except for when it came to the sounds, it was a little vague and confusing then for me personally. It is though after all a star projector, and in that respect it is wonderful, very beautiful with many different options to allow the user to see what they want.
  • M***r
    5 Dec 2020
    I had some trouble with the remote but the girls from MyCute... helped me with that, the effect it gives off is very, very cool in a dark room. I mainly just use the setting it’s on by default, which puts kind of ‘clouds’ around the room and then little lasers (which are supposed to look like stars) slowly turn on and off. It’s quiet enough to sleep next to and kids absolutely love it, so despite having initial trouble it’s a good purchase.
  • M***a
    4 Dec 2020
    This thing is super bright and it works very well as well... it looKs super cool as well the remote control makes this just that much more awesome as well.
  • F***b
    4 Dec 2020
    Very nice projector, only small downside is that it is not possible to change the color of the stars. Bluetooth ok !!
  • Z***r
    4 Dec 2020
    Amazing galaxy star projector! Adds such an unique aspect to my room. Love how you can combine two colors, in my photo I did red and blue creating a purple color. There’s also the option where the light moves and it reminds me of ocean waves which is really calming. Plus other great features like timer, laser, brightness level, and playing music.
  • E***n
    3 Dec 2020
    Such a fun addition to the house. Our son absolutely loves it and the changing colors is awesome!
  • K***e
    3 Dec 2020
    The light is amazing! It really exceeded my expectations. Beautiful and vibrant colors, the speaker works clearly.
  • F***w
    2 Dec 2020
    Recommend;) kids are falling asleep fast as compared to my earlier challenges. Wish I had the yellow colour added.
  • K***u
    2 Dec 2020
    Cool spotlight, all as in the photo. The only thing that, the remote is semi-dead, you have to press 10 times to achieve something. Seller, work on remotes!
  • K***c
    2 Dec 2020
    Come in 10 working days. All smoothly running. Live effect is even better than the pictures. Recommend
  • S***y
    27 Nov 2020
    It’s great, the colors are amazing. And the movement is cool, like an ocean or clouds. I definitely recommend. Came very quickly. The lights cover almost my whole room
  • K***r
    27 Nov 2020
    Super decoration for room, recommend warmly. Speaker silent, will give the experience, but this I expected <3 Shipment in 2 days.
  • T***t
    27 Nov 2020
    The projector has so many cool modes and effects. I will be using it whenever I have someone over or when I’m just listening to music, as there is a music mode on the device. Also, comes with a remote which makes changing modes quick and easy!
  • D***e
    27 Nov 2020
    Great quality. And the speaker was pretty good too! It brightens up the whole room. So nice to use it as night light 💙
  • L***t
    26 Nov 2020
    Absolutely worth every penny! This product is amazing! Comes with a remote that works really well with changing the colors! It has TONS of light settings! I have been amused with this product, and have loved showing it off! It’s awesome!
  • G***r
    25 Nov 2020
    This thing is so cool. I bought one for my sons birthday to add to his LED room decor. It looks is so cool, both of his siblings asked for one for their birthdays so I have bought 3! Only downside I could possibly find is the Blue tooth doesn’t seem to have a long range from the iphone so he had to keep it close by to stay connected.
  • Customer
    24 Nov 2020
    This starry light projector is very cool. It is nice and bright and has many colours. My kids really enjoy it!
  • 3***r
    23 Nov 2020
    This is more expensive than other light projectors out there but also much better. The quality of the lasers that come out is impressive. They are very bright, have good distance, and wide angle of them that fills up my daughters room. The aura lighting is also nice with different colors able to be chosen depending on your mood. This can be controlled on the device or via the remote. The remote is probably the least favorite thing as it takes time to get use to and short distance. Bluetooth is easy to connect to your phone to send music if you want to have it turn off using its timer after set amount of time. Overall I am impressed with it and is worth the price paid
  • N***n
    21 Nov 2020
    Who says this only needs to be for kids? I'm 51 and I had a big projector years ago that I paid 100 for (and the motor was loud) but it was nowhere near as nice as this for a fraction of the cost. Gives a brilliant light show. You can do multicolors at the same time or one color. You can make the waves move or not...or if you choose, you can just do only the "stars" effect. It's very quiet. I read one review that said when they turned on the wave part it was noisy....mine makes no sound. I haven't used the bluetooth function or speakers because I use my own. You also get two remotes, which is nice in case you misplace one. You can be any age and enjoy this. It's just neat to watch and just brings such a happy relaxed environment.
  • L***h
    21 Nov 2020
    I was doubtful about getting this at the beginning, because this is my third lamp (All from different vendors). The first one lacked stars, the second one had stars but i was unable to control the wave colors so it turned into red constantly, but this one exceeded my expectations. I love that i can control the speed of the waves, the fading or stability of the stars, the color combination, and everything is done easilywith the remote control!!! The only thing i don't like is that this is described as "battery-powered". My second lamp gets charged and i can unplug it and take it with me, but this one seems not to have a built-in battery. so, that's the only downside - other than that, this lamp is just 10/10.
  • D***n
    20 Nov 2020
    This was the first time that I bought something from this store that’s why I was a bit nerveous but he/she replied all of my question with patience. I recieved my lamp very fast. Lights are perfect, sound is quite good! I am so happy with it! Definitely recommend it!
  • P***r
    16 Nov 2020
    The speaker can get decently loud, it's just alright sound quality - about what I expected though. The cloud's look really cool. Combining red + blue or blue + green look great, the other combinations aren't my thing. There's a fade button on the remote but it just turns them on off, not actually fades, so it's jarring and I probly won't use it. But leaving on 2 colors is perfectly fine with me. The lasers are bright, but they don't move. They're either off, or they fade from off to bright. I reallyyyyyyyy wish they spun around, but oh well. It plugs in through USB, so I plugged it into an external USB battery and it worked great. I can literally take it anywhere. There's a more expensive type of these that I think the lasers are def better, the clouds look a bit better but I like the colors more on this one. It also looks quite a bit sturdier, but it plugs into the wall so it's not portable. They're both good in their own ways.

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