Let your Baby Sleep in a Brightly Lit Room

Although it seems somewhat counter-intuitive, ensure that when your baby naps, he or she does so in a well-lit area. This will likely ensure that your baby naps for shorter periods of time, which will make him more tired in the evening hours and help him sleep better at night.

The reason letting your baby nap in a brightly lit room is a good idea is that it strikes a delicate balance for the parent: it allows you to influence your baby’s sleep habits without too much direct interference. The problem is that nobody likes to rouse their baby while he is sleeping — in fact you’re probably enjoying the peace when he is – and yet at the same time you want to try and prevent him from sleeping throughout the day and bothering you at night. By letting your baby sleep in a well lit room you encourage shorter naps without actually having to go through the unpleasant experience of physically waking your child.

In keeping with this idea, try not to encourage long or extensive napping. Many parents, when they see their baby fall asleep during the day, will do everything they perceive as needed for their child’s comfort. This is natural, of course, but often extends to drawing the curtains and turning out the lights in the room. By doing this you are ensuring that your child will nap for a long time and can count on him or her being awake repeatedly throughout the night.

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