Create A Familiar Environment For Sleep

One of the most crucial things you can do to ensure that your baby sleeps well – and on his own – is to create a comfortable environment in which for him to sleep. The initial reaction of most people when they think of an environment that is conducive to sleep is one as quiet as possible. In most cases this isn’t the best solution for your baby. You have to keep in mind where your baby has been sleeping for the last nine months: in the womb.

During the baby’s time in the womb, he slept in all sorts of situations where he was surrounded by noise – while the mother was out in public, or talking to people. It is for this reason that many people believe that the environment most conducive to a baby’s sleep is one that involves
soothing background noises. Much like the baby in the womb became used to sleeping to the sounds of a mother’s beating heart, a baby will often sleep better when exposed to chatter and other murmuring sounds, as
long as they are kept reasonably quiet. What you want to avoid are sudden loud sounds, which will – naturally — startle your baby.

Some parents choose to invest in products – usually audio cds — that replicate soothing sounds in the baby’s room, but in most cases this is not necessary. It is simply enough to understand that an attempt to create complete silence when your baby is sleeping is often not as effective
as leaving the door open a little. The ambient noise of the room, and of other people moving around the house, will in many cases make your baby sleep much better.

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